Indians Show Middle Finger to Cheap Tablets, Want Only Apple or Samsung

Hey, the cheap-loving Indian cheap asses are not completely dumb after all.

Despite the endless din of how India will take over the tablet market with their cheap tablets and how the days of the Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab were numbered blah blah blah, nothing of that sort has happened.

Of course, my wise predecessor (old SI) at the fabulous blog correctly predicted the dismal fate of cheap Indian tablets on countless occasions and maintained that the only tablet worth buying was the iPad.

Chutiyas aka Indians may be able to type a few lines of garbled code but in a million years those idiots can’t design a tablet (class and Indians are antipodes).

At least, not one that works well.

And no way are those junk tablet peddlers going to convince Indians to buy their gadgets.

Apple iPad – King of Indian Tablet Heap

A recently released survey of tablet shipments in India in 2011 puts the combined market share of Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy and Blackberry Playbook at 85.4%.

Apple was the numero uno player in the Indian tablet market with 51% followed by Samsung with 24% and Blackberry with 10.4%, according to the number crunchers at ABI Research.

But the Indian tablet market is tiny.

Not surprising considering food, clothing, shelter and toilets are still in scarce supply for several hundred million Indians.

Tummy and Toilets must come before Tablets, what say you?

ABI Research estimated the Indian tablet market last year at 390,000 units, a small fraction of the 65 million tablets shipped globally.

In 2011, Apple alone sold 44.9 million iPad tablets (source – Apple earnings announcements).

ABI Research projects the Indian media tablet market will grow at a cumulative annual growth rate of 71% with shipments reaching 9.66 million units in 2017.

For the tablet market to pick up in a big way in India, purchasing power must improve big time and people should be able to easily set up WiFi networks at home.

Since I don’t expect both to happen anytime soon, the overall size of the Indian tablet market will continue to be tiny and irrelevant in the big ‘tablet’ picture.

3 Responses to "Indians Show Middle Finger to Cheap Tablets, Want Only Apple or Samsung"

  1. munish   May 17, 2012 at 11:54 pm

    “…my wise predecessor (Old SI)..” ummm.. is he/she alright?? Responds:

    You write: is he/she alright??

    Gone Baby Gone.

    Likely Burning in Hell!

    • Naveen   May 18, 2012 at 9:47 am

      Hmmm…so far I though you meant “dead” in a figurative sense but now it seems the person behind old SI is truly gone! and that is sad… 🙁

      If there is something called soul then I hope it is resting in peace.

  2. TrulySiva   July 24, 2012 at 2:11 am

    true, all those small players thought of cashing on general mass by offering sub-standard tablet (or I would say poor) thinking people will just go for it. Tablet is still bought by techsavvy people and who knew what they want and not ready to trust cheap electronics. We never know, if penetration happens like what happened to mobile phones in india

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