Apple to America – Fuck You!

Those Jobs aren’t coming back.
Steve Jobs to Barack Obama on bringing back some Apple manufacturing jobs from China to America

With $121.3 billion in the bank, Apple plans to invest a mere $100 million in American manufacturing.

That’s a piddling 0.082% of Apple’s mega cash hoard, the big chunk of which is stashed away overseas to avoid paying U.S. taxes.

Apple Says Up Yours to AmericaImage Courtesy: TruthDig

Apple CEO Tim Cook says the company plans to bring some manufacturing to America next year from China but provided no details other than to say it would involve the Mac computers (which, by the way, SI uses).

The over-priced Macs are not a big driver of Apple revenues and account for just 15% of Apple’s total revenues. iPhone and iPad provide the bulk of Apple’s revenues.

In short, by throwing the $100 million in crumbs Apple is basically showing the middle finger to America.

Apple Direct Workers

USA – 50,250
Overseas – 29,750

Apple Contract Workers

Majority Overseas – 700,000
(mostly low-wage, exploitative jobs)
* Source: Apple, NYT, analysis

While Apple has made huge piles of money over the last decade, its workers in China and the application developers have benefited little from the company’s success.

Several exploited Chinese workers slaving on Apple’s products have killed themselves.

Also, the majority of software developers for the iOS or the OS/X platform make very little or no money.

Today, tens of millions of Americans are jobless and struggling because exploiting corporations like Apple have turned their back on America.

There is some poetic justice in Steve Jobs’ suffering toward the end of his life and the early tumble into the grave.

3 Responses to "Apple to America – Fuck You!"

  1. Naveen   December 6, 2012 at 1:00 pm

    A honest question… maybe even philosophical.

    Would any of this make you (and other) Apple product owners/fans feel guilty? Responds:

    1. That’s an irrelevant question.

    Did the majority of Germans feel guilty when Hitler was gassing the 6-million Jews? Hell, No.

    The relevant question is – Is it Wrong? By God, Yes!

    2. Another interesting point – When U.S. companies outsource to low wage nations like China, prices are lowered.

    But not in Apple’s case.

    Apple’s pricing is way, way high for any of its products despite massive outsourcing manufacturing to China. This suggests that in the case of Apple any benefits of the outsourcing is not accruing to American consumers but only to the company.

  2. Naveen   January 2, 2013 at 12:42 pm
    🙂 Responds:

    I believe it. Surface tablet is going to be another big disaster for Microsoft given its ridiculous price.

    I was at the Apple store two or three days back to purchase AppleCare (extended warranty) and there was a 20-minute wait. Found a few other desis there buying MacBook Pros and other stuff.

  3. Naveen   January 2, 2013 at 4:04 pm

    Yep, Surface is overpriced irrespective of some of its uniqueness.

    They should have kept it in the $249 – $299 range with only two options – with /without the keyboard.

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