Telugu Bidda Nerusu Guarantees Prison Jobs

What could be the reason for me to kill my loving family? I had to be insane.
– Michigan Telugu bidda Lakshminivasa Rao Nerusu at his trial

Thanks in small part to characters like Telugu bidda Lakshminivasa Rao Nerusu, Michigan state prison employees have much to be pleased.

In these uncertain economic times where all jobs are at stake, Telugu biddas like Nerusu are bringing a smile to prison employees.

Because given the way 46-year-old Nerusu’s trial has been going, the Telugu bidda will most certainly be convicted of first degree murder and get life in prison with no possibility of parole.

Assuming Nerusu will live to around 76 years, that means a prison term of at least 30 years and guaranteed jobs for penetentiary staff!

Michigan Telugu bidda NerusuTelugu Butcher Nerusu

Triple Murders

Nerusu is on trial for first degree premeditated murder for killing his wife and two young children in 2008. After killing them, Nerusu fled to Telugu homeland Andhra Pradesh where he was caught last year and hauled back to the U.S.

Nerusu is pleading insanity for the murders, a legal tactic that’s unlikely to work since two psychiatrists have testified that he is mentally competent.

Nerusu is said to have stabbed his wife Jayalakshmi 59 times.

Nerusu told the court yesterday that he does not remember the murders.

I don’t have any memory of that incident.

Nerusu’s memory lapses seem to be selective.

Because he remembered slapping his wife a few times and that she had called the police on one occasion.

He also told the court that his wife was unhappy over his drinking, smoking and frequent unemployment.

I have problems for a long time with my wife. She was always blaming me. It was irritating me.

On the night before the murders, Nerusu researched human anatomy and dismemberment on his PC.

Nerusu claims he has no recollection of doing such research.

When asked about the research, Nerusu told the prosecution yesterday:

I’m losing my mind. I have no control of my actions.

If found guilty, Nerusu will spend the rest of his life in prison.

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5 Responses to "Telugu Bidda Nerusu Guarantees Prison Jobs"

  1. rmadasu   June 11, 2014 at 12:50 pm

    The prison industry in America has been increasingly turned into a business and with increasing privatization the prison companies are trying to get more people in to grow their business. Here’s an interesting little piece on how they are managing that.

    Murderers are not exactly a growth option for most of these companies.

    They gotta look for other sources of revenue. Responds:

    Just read the piece in your interesting link.

    One man’s jail term is another’s livelihood. You see, in many parts of America (particularly in the rural hinterlands of most states and more so in rural Texas), Prison is the only job opportunity available for the locals.

    When you outsource good jobs to India, Phillipines and China, you are left with shitty prison jobs in the U.S.

    Sweetie, according to the ACLU report in your link private prisons must have a minimum of 90% occupancy. In other words, the Govt must stuff private prisons to ensure at least 90% occupancy. See P.36 of the ACLU report cited in your Gawker link. Here’s an excerpt from the ACLU report from your link:

    Our investigation uncovered evidence suggesting that the private companies have
    financial incentives to overcrowd the CAR prisons. All of the contracts we reviewed
    contain occupancy quotas. The contracts stipulate that the facilities must remain at or
    above 90% capacity. The contracts further provide “Incremental Unit Price” payments
    for each additional prisoner above the 90% occupancy quota, up to 115% capacity.
    By the terms of the contract, the companies actually make more money by admitting more
    prisoners from BOP than their facilities were designed to hold.


    Thank you for the links.

  2. Naveen   June 11, 2014 at 1:10 pm

    “I’m losing my mind. I have no control of my actions.”

    He will feel the same way once he is shut away for good. Responds:

    Think of the burden on Michigan tax payers for housing, feeding and providing medical care to this Telugu bidda for the next 30 years. It will easily exceed a million dollars.

    • Naveen   June 12, 2014 at 2:08 am

      Yes but it is because they as a state have decided to do away with death penalty.

      It would be interesting to see some statistics on: –

      a) how much money states save by having capital punishment versus not having it

      b) is it an effective deterrent? Responds:

      Based on what I have read, I’d say there’s not a significant difference in the costs to taxpayers between sentencing someone to life in prison or awarding him death penalty.

      That is because death penalty has its own unique costs – Special isolation cells, better trained guards, a lengthy appeals process etc.

      In my understanding, it takes about 10-20 years for someone who’s been awarded death penalty to be finally strapped down and poked with the needle. People live in “Death Row” for decades. And there are over 3,000 people on Death Row in the U.S. and 25% of death row inmates die of natural causes. (Source: Wiki – )

      Unless we do what the Chinese do – In China, they quickly harvest all of the prisoner’s key body organs and Execute him within an hour or two of the death sentence being read in court. Organ “theft” of Chinese prisoners is a big issue that cries out for greater media scrutiny. If you have the right amount of money, I think you can order any body organ and the Chinese will quickly execute a healthy prisoner and hand you the organ.

      Barbaric as things are in many respects in my two countries (U.S. and India), we still have not reached Chinese levels of depravity in some respects.

  3. Param_arora   June 14, 2014 at 1:39 am

    Yeah this ain’t a win win for anyone except Neresu.

    The poor lady and her innocent kids – gone. The parents – humiliated.

    The creditors – gypped. . As for Neresu, he’s gonna be a guest of the US correctional system till he dies.

    A life much better than living in a hot n horrid village in AP.

    I doubt the pervs in prison will take any interest in making him their bitch. But if they do, he’ll probably enjoy it, being Golti and all.

    Let’s hope he fertilizes a prison yard soon, and save taxpayers money. Responds:

    1. You write: The creditors – gypped. .

    I’m the one who’s consumed an inordinate amount of gin & tonic tonight and you seem to be the one high!

    Now where did you get that bit about Nerusu’s creditors? I haven’t heard of any!

    2. You write: I doubt the pervs in prison will take any interest in making him their bitch. But if they do, he’ll probably enjoy it, being Golti and all.

    Good Lord!

    You make it sound like all Telugu men are back door Hanumans! 🙁 Not true.

    That said prison rape is endemic in the US!

    • Param_arora   June 14, 2014 at 5:32 am

      I am high. But on single malt, not a “non chick” drink.

      Didn’t you write somewhere that he owes or owed over a 100,000 dollars ?

      Btw the word ” creditor” means a person or company to whom money is owed. Responds:

      I’m good on both counts.

      Gin and tonic was a drink devised by a bunch of the fearsome, bravest men in history – the British Army in India who ruled our nation for over 200 years.

      Given the way this small group of men ruthlessly enslaved several hundred million Indians, it’s hardly a chick drink.

      Creditors is fine in the context I used it.

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