Finally, a Decent Android Bazaar; Amazon Debuts Android Appstore

Internet retailer launched its Appstore for Android devices today in a move that could whittle away some of the advantages Apple has enjoyed with its hugely successful AppStore and overcome the disadvantages of Google’s Android Marketplace. Amazon’s new store can be accessed at and comes with a novel feature called “Test Drive” that […]

Android Crushing iPhone, RIM in U.S.

Apple’s sexy iPhone may have all the headlines but the Open Handset Alliance’s Android platform is grabbing the marketshare in the U.S. A new report put out by market researcher Canalys gives Android-based handsets an impressive 44% share in the third quarter of 2010. Here, take a look at the below chart: In the previous […]

Google’s New Phone Has Limited Appeal, For Now

Amid all the hype on Google’s new Nexus One GSM mobile phone based on the Android software stack, we predict these touchscreen phones made by HTC won’t be flying off the virtual shelves. Not any time soon. Nexus One Consumers can buy an unlocked Nexus One directly from Google for $529 without signing up for […]

Can Google’s Android Phone Stop iPhone Juggernaut?

With T-Mobile launching G1 – the first cell phone powered by Google’s Android operating system – today in New York City, the big question is whether the Linux-based Android phones can slow down the momentum of Apple’s iPhone. Manufactured by Taiwanese firm HTC, the T-Mobile G1 phone will start selling on October 22 in the […]

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