Even After 170 Daily Deal Sites Kiss the Dust, There’re Still Another 360 Around

Madness. Sheer Madness! As we’ve said often, this daily deal/coupon madness has reached epic heights in the U.S. Perhaps, it’s because of the recession with fewer dollar bills in consumers’ wallets. Perhaps it’s a greedy frenzy that’s consumed the people here into an orgy of consumption. Or perhaps it’s clueless businesses desperately trying to get […]

Hey, Bibliophiles – Deals Can’t Get Any Better

We know, we know. All ye 64-letter, Twitter-constrained schmucks consider reading to be a cardinal sin. For desis, books are the new pariahs to stay away from. Let not even the shadow of the printed word fall on your Fair-and-Lovelied, Hennaed, Attared body. Who knows what dangers might lurk in the pages of books. God […]

Deal of the Day – Logitech Wireless Keyboard K360

Any one who’s ever used a netbook knows what a pain it is to type on the small cramped keyboard. So when we espied an ad in the Staples flyer this week peddling a Logitech Wireless Keyboard K360 for $15 (50% off) we didn’ t think twice. Hey, the same keyboard is $30 at BestBuy […]

All Ye Cheapo Desis Can Now Buy a $99 TouchPad

Now is the time for all desi cheapskates that scoffed at the iPad (because you didn’t want to fork out $499 for a fine device) to pick up the good-for-nothing HP TouchPad for $99. Here’s the list of U.S. stores peddling the TouchPad for $99. You can’t do much with the TouchPad but, hey, it’s […]

Qatar Airways 2-for-1 is a Real Deal

There are the daily chutiya deals that land in your mail-box and then there are the real deals. Guys, Qatar Airways’ 2-1 appears to be one of those rare real deals. To celebrate its 100th destination milestone, Qatar Airways has rolled out a limited-time promotion that offers you 2 tickets for the price of 1. […]