Hot iPhone Deals at Walmart, AT&T

Yes, you can now get the iPhone 5 for just $99. If you cheapo desis have been sitting on the sidelines, undecided on whether to get an iPhone or upgrade to the iPhone 5, there are a bunch of attractive deals that might spur you to take the plunge. At least three companies, Walmart, AT&T […]

M-GO Deal Offers New Movies for 99-Cents

You can never have too much of cheap or free stuff, right? While I can’t get you greedy Indian savages free movies, I can point you to a deal at M-GO streaming service that offers recent Hollywood movies for a mere 99-cents per film. Now that’s what I call a good deal! 😉 Once you […]

My First Free Foreign Movie on Viki

Chutiyas, it’s Viki with a V. Not Wiki, comprende? I don’t want to see any asinine comments about how you speed-reading gaandus logged on to Wiki and couldn’t stream any free foreign movies! 😉 A short while ago, fortified with a tall glass of cheap Chilean wine (Corbett Canyon Cabernet Sauvignon, $8.99) I sat down […]

Free (Almost) Avis Weekend Rental

If there’s one thing desis in America love more than their children or parents, it’s saving money! So here’s an attractive deal that’s hard to beat. I’d even go so far as to say it’s a Great Deal! Car rental service Avis has an excellent deal where you can get a weekend deal for free, […]

Uno’s 2 for $20 Deep Dish is a Nice Deal

Quick question – What’s better than a single Uno Chicago Grill Farmer’s Market (vegetarian) pizza? Quick answer – Two Uno Farmer’s Market pizzas. You can say what you will but I find it hard to believe that pizzas from the big chains like Domino’s, Pizza Hut or Papa John’s are really meant for human consumption! […]