Sit Longer, Die Sooner

A new research study has concluded that the longer Americans sit, the sooner they die. The study published by Peter T Katzmarzyk1 and I-Min Lee in BMJ Open examined the impact of sitting and watching TV on life expectancy in the U.S. And the findings are scary. Sitting Kills The authors conclude that life expectancy […]

Why Indian Men Must Avoid Sex With Men

Men in the U.S. who have sex with men are the most vulnerable group, most at risk, when it comes to getting HIV infections. According to AIDS statistics put out by the U.S. government, men who have sex with men accounted for 61% of all new HIV infections in the U.S. in 2009. Source: […]

100m Indian Chutias Will Soon be Depressed

A friend recently visiting from India told us that fast-food restaurants in India serving Pizzas, Burgers, Croissants etc had mushroomed there and are now wildly popular with the younger generation, particularly in the cities (food courts, malls and even residential neighborhoods). Our friend’s remark on Indian fast-food places came to mind when we stumbled upon […]

Sex With Trisha is Bliss, Sheer Bliss

Trisha and Sex are like Laurel and Hardy, Tintin and Snowy, Abhishek and Flops, Goundamani and Senthil, so tightly coupled that one without the other is inconceivable. Oh no, we’re not talking of that Trisha! Trisha is a must if you lust for endless fun all night long without endless questions later. Oh no, we’re […]

America – A Land of 45 Million Crazies, Watch Out

After several years of living in America, we most definitely knew our adopted land was a nation of many crazies, whackos, fruitcakes and screwballs. How else can you explain the popularity of Glenn Beck, Fox News, Cheerleading, Eric Cantor, Baseball, Sarah Palin, Tattoos and the Superbowl. Come on, which sane person sports a tattoo or […]

Breville 800JEXL – Mighty Beast of a Juicer

After leading a fairly dissolute life for the most part of our life, we’re belatedly discovering the virtues of good health. Oh well, better late than never. So, it was from the perspective of boosting our flagging health that we purchased the top-of-the-line Breville 800JXEXL 1000-watt juicer (there are two other less-pricier versions). We all […]