Obama Tackles Billion Mosquitoes Problem

Every time U.S. President Barack Obama spots a mosquito, he goes nuts. After all, behind that irksome mosquito lurks a billion other mosquitoes feeding upon the depleting resources of the planet. And, boy, is the leader of the ‘free’ world hopping mad about it. You bet! Even after admitting a gazillion Telugu biddas on Dum […]

Say No To Babies with Android App

Unwanted pregnancies lead to abortions or unwanted babies. Both terrible outcomes! Back in my day, smart women knew what to do on ‘those‘ days. Where have all ‘those’ women gone? Today’s pill-popping women are a different story altogether. 🙁 They are either too busy, too stressed out or too lazy that they can’t even remember […]

Nokia, Samsung, Sony Fuck Indian Hookers

Samsung, Sony Ericsson, LG, Motorola, HTC and dozens of other cell phone brands and mobile carriers  have unshackled Indian prostitutes from their traditional hovels in Kamatipura (Mumbai), GB Road (Delhi), Walltax Road and Egmore station (Chennai), K.R.Market and Brigade Road (Bangalore), liberated them from the clutch of Madams and pimps and given these ‘birds of […]

Do They Serve Dhokla in NJ Prisons?

Man, some of these Indian doctors in New Jersey have no limits to their greed. Boy, they will now pay a hefty price for that disgusting greed. Three Indian doctors in New Jersey have pleaded guilty to receiving illegal cash kickbacks for patient referrals to a radiology and diagnostic center. The kickbacks are in violation […]