India Very High Risk Nation for Delhi Belly

You schmucks can scream Mera Bharat Mahaan and India Shining till you are hoarse but India stands tall on the global stage only for all the wrong things. Like for instance, travel diarrhea, rape, frequent random violence, treatment of minorities, extra-judicial murders by the police (encounters) et al. In this post, we intend to examine […]

Get Off Your Couch, Walking Maintains Brain Volume

All ye couch potatoes nibbling on Paneer Tikka Masala and digging into Chicken 65, get off your couches NOW. And start walking if you want to keep your brains working well. Walking Slows Cognitive Decline A new study presented today at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America in Chicago says walking […]

Chola NYC has Rats, Mice, Food Contamination, Vermin Issues; NYC Health Dept Pees on Bollywood Actor Shiva Natarajan’s Chola Indian Restaurant

(A Public Service Blog Post) OMG, OMG, Rats, mice, vermin and food contamination issues? Chola NYC – Restaurant or Pig-Sty? Say, is Chola NYC on E.58th St in Midtown Manhattan an Indian restaurant or a filthy pig-sty. Folks, Rats, Mice, Vermin, Sewage and Food Contamination issues are some of the hygiene problems identified by the […]

Incredible India’s Hot New Export – Superbug

Of course, where there are Indians there’s bound to be something weird lurking in the background. Isn’t that why we call the country Incredible India. 😉 Sui Generis Exports When it comes to exports, you can’t beat Indians. You see, India has always been very aggressive and at the front of the line. No matter, […]

Hooray, Obama Defeats Evil Mothafuckas with Health-Care Reform; Ends Mass Murder in America

Update: The U.S. House has voted in favor of the Health-care Reform Bill with 219 Democrats voting in favor and all (178) Republican Congressmen voting against the reform along with 34 Democratic traitors. President Obama will soon sign the historic legislation. 🙂 Many Americans are worried that a national health care system with universal coverage […]

History is being Made in the U.S. House

It’s 10:19PM ET now and President Barack Obama’s Health-Care Reform bill will soon go to a vote in the U.S. House of Representatives where the Democrats have the required votes to carry the day. After the reconciliation process with the Senate version, the bill will go to President Obama for signature and then become law. […]