Incredible India 62: Have No Pillow, Use Severed Legs

There’s no end to the inhumanity of daily life in India. Depravity and inhumanity that you cannot imagine anywhere else in this vast universe is a daily occurrence in India. Even by the depraved Indian standards, the following account is gruesome and barbaric. Soren Tudu, an unfortunate poor man who lost his legs in a […]

Incredible Shithole Celebrates 64th Independence Day

It’s already August 15 in India and the country is ‘celebrating’ its 64th Independence day. Here’s SI’s tribute to Incredible India on this momentous occasion: * 64 Years after Independence, nearly 650 million Indians have no toilets and are forced to bare their backsides to the world’s gaze every morning. * 64 Years after Independence, […]

Incredible India 60 – Indians Breed, Breed & Breed

Wrong – India has two national obsessions in Cricket and Bollywood Right – India has three national obsessions in Cricket, Bollywood and Breeding. Indian Breeding Frenzy Folks, the provisional numbers from the Indian government’s Census 2011 are out and they are horrifying – India’s population has grown by over 181 million during the decade 2001-2011 […]

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