Incredible India, Incredible Chutiya – Modi

Why is there malnutrition in Gujarat? Sane people like SI and some of my readers would assume that malnutrition and starvation in India is mostly a function of poverty. But not according to the Hindu communal Chutiya and Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi. This is what Modi had to say about malnutrition in Gujarat in […]

Incredible India’s Pride – First Rabid Dog

India has very little to be proud of. No gold medals in the Olympics. No good movies. No good leaders. No good people. But one thing India has lots of – Rabid Dogs! Oh, I mean of the quadruped kind (we’ll deal with the biped rabid curs on another occasion). 😉 My favorite newspaper, the […]

Who Says Indians Don’t Have Balls?

Never again will I entertain any comments that Indians are pussies and effeminate bastards. I think the below video demonstrates that Indians may be foolhardy, reckless and wild but at least some of them are bold beyond the imagination of ordinary souls. Related Stories: How Incredible Indians Ride On Trains

How Incredible Indians Ride On Trains

In the rest of the world, people travel inside trains. But as with most things it’s always a different story in Incredible India. People clamber on top of trains, ride alongside trains by hanging on to the doors or windows and, yes, they do travel inside trains too. Watch the below video to see how […]

Incredible India 67 – A Nation Forges Ahead

To all those cretins and skeptics who still harbor doubts about India moving ahead, I offer the following headlines to decisively prove that nothing can stop India’s glorious march to an exalted status among the comity of nations. These headlines were gleaned from recent editions of major Indian major newspapers: * Teacher rapes girl, cook […]

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