India Still World’s Greatest Shithole

India Still World’s Greatest Shithole

What is shocking in India is this picture of someone practising open defecation and in the other hand having a mobile phone. – WHO Director of Public Health Maria Neira Of all the shitholes and hellholes in the world, nothing can match that stinking eyesore known as India. No other country comes even remotely close […]

Cute British Babe’s Love Affair with Hijras

If all goes well, a pretty British angel Tabs Breese will bring the colorful South Indian transgendered people a.k.a. Hijras to life by way of a 90-minute documentary film. Breese’s goal is to follow three Hijras to the Koothandavar Festival in Koovagam village (near Villupuram in Tamil Nadu) where thousands of transgendered people gather every […]

Corruption is My Birthright, My Divine Right

Great investigative report from Cobrapost on India’s corrupt parliamentarians! Give Cobrapost a big round of applause, folks! Operation Falcon Claw: Press Release Posted Below Verbatim: Operation Falcon Claw: Cobrapost Exposes 11 Members of Parliament Willing to Write Letters of Recommendation for a Fictitious Foreign Oil Major for Money The investigation, panning over a year, exposes […]

Now You Know Why India has No Hope

If SI has said it once, SI has said it a million times. Mera Bharat Mahan a.k.a. India has no hope. So what if a few people can spell PHP, Ruby, Perl, JavaScript and SAP. But the Indian DNA is rotten to the core. Salman Khan – Devil in Human Form (Image courtesy – Microsoft […]