Indian Asses get Warm Welcome at Sheraton

Holy Crap! Who’d have thought Indian asses would get such a warm, fuzzy welcome from an American hotel chain! Times sure have changed! Don’t get me wrong now. By asses, I don’t mean those poor quadrupeds that bray and trot uneasily beneath their heavy burden. I mean the literal brown asses of my fellow brown-skinned […]

India Ups Snooping on Google Users

It’s no secret that India, like countries everywhere else, has increased its snooping on citizens’ online activities. The snooping is often justified on the national interest grounds of keeping the citizenry safe from the bad guys, i.e. the terrorists. Privacy Issues Whether all this Internet snooping on citizens is helping to thwart the bad guys […]

Mera Bharat Mahaan – Worst Shibboleth

I was born in a land where the idea of freedom, the notion of right, the habit of human kindness were things coldly despised and brutally outlawed….Every man in the land was a slave, if he was not a bully….A dark country, a hellish place, gentlemen, and if there is anything of which I am […]

Who are Real Killers of Delhi Rape Victim?

At first glance, it seems like only six savages are responsible for the horrific rape, brutal assault and tragic death of the 23-year-old Delhi rape victim who passed away a few hours back at Singapore’s Mount Elizabeth Hospital. But the young girl’s killers go beyond the six beasts.