How to Save Hindus from Muslims

How to Save Hindus from Muslims

Far from his dwelling let him remove urine and excreta. Source: Manu Dharmaśāstra a.k.a. Manusmṛti (Laws of Manu), Chapter 4, verse 151 Indian history since the 11th century AD is an inglorious account of Muslim invaders repeatedly pillaging the land, butchering the indigenous Hindu men, ravishing their wives and kidnapping their young daughters. Muhammad of […]

How NSA Buggered India

Not a day passes that I don’t hear of Mera Bharat Mahaan getting shafted by someone or the other. I just completed Glenn Greenwald’s No Place to Hide, the new book on Edward Snowden and the massive spying apparatus built by the U.S. spy outfit National Security Agency (NSA) in my adopted homeland Amreeka and […]

A Notorious Muslim on Hindustan

Mughal King Babur (Image Courtesy: Wiki) India has always evoked strong reactions from outsiders. You either love it. Or you loath it. Even among those who conquered and quickly emptied its coffers, there was little love for India. The early Mughals who laid the foundation of a pan-India empire in the 16th century and the […]

Is Manmohan Singh a Hijra?

Sonia Gandhi chose not to become Prime Minister when she led the party to a stunning victory in the national elections in 2004. Instead, she anointed a loyal technocrat, Dr Manmohan Singh, as Prime Minister, while she called the shots on all important appointments and policies. – Indian Planning Commission Member Arun Maira on Prime […]