Incredible India 67 – A Nation Forges Ahead

To all those cretins and skeptics who still harbor doubts about India moving ahead, I offer the following headlines to decisively prove that nothing can stop India’s glorious march to an exalted status among the comity of nations. These headlines were gleaned from recent editions of major Indian major newspapers: * Teacher rapes girl, cook […]

Quote of the Day – Alamzabe, a Paki

As a Pakistani i feel so happy haha, Indian who talk bad about Pakistan online get up early in the morning do their business in bushes/streets/roads/footpath/railways/fields than come home login and start talking about what a heaven india is and india is superpower bhal bhal…hahaha. – Alamzabe, a Pakistani, commenting on a Times of India […]

Incredible India 65 – 10+1 Most Pressing Concerns

As a young 64-year-old poor nation with 500-million half-starving souls, India has many concerns, diverse constituencies to address. But none more pressing or of more importance than the following: 10. Long wait for some cars. Diesel versions of the Swift hatchback and Dzire sedan from Maruti, Fortuner and Innova from Toyota, XUV500 from Mahindra, Jazz […]

Incredible India 64 – Yes, Indians are Chutiyas

India is a nation with two deeply hostile neighbors, a nation with people dying of starvation, a nation wracked by internal rebellion, a nation without toilets for over 600-million, a nation where hundreds of million struggle for survival every day, a nation where people are ‘encountered’ to death every day….. And yet, what is the […]

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