100% Love – 200% Silly

To describe the new Telugu movie 100% Love (Naga Chaitanya, Tamannaah Bhatia) as a hopelessly silly piece of trash would be to bestow an extravagant compliment on the clumsy grotesquerie. That in this day and age, 100 plus years into the motion picture business, some Telugu people put out such rank amateur stuff and then […]

Nenu Naa Rakshasi Review – God Hates Telugus

Tis’ true that God hates all Indians. But God has reserved his most potent fury and venom for the Telugu peoples by depriving them of the gene that appreciates or discerns those beautiful things known as art, class and culture. If class came and slapped Telugus hard on the face, those crass jackasses wouldn’t recognize […]

Amazon Cloud Streaming Service Offers Free Storage of 1,000 Songs

Amazon has rolled out a cloud-based music streaming service ahead of Apple and Google that are also said to be planning similar services. You can access the songs stored in the Amazon cloud from any PC or Mac via the browser or from an Android-based mobile device. The service provides 5GB of free space in […]

Amazon Woos Budding RGVs, Shankars, Sanjay Leela Bhansalis with Movie Initiative

Whoa, who would’ve thought online retailer Amazon.com would get into the movie-making business. The Good Amazon.com today launched a new initiative called Amazon Studios that might help budding filmmakers and script writers break into the intensely competitive and highly lucrative world of the movie business. Aspiring movie makers or screenwriters, of whom there’s never been […]