Who is Sujatha Guduru?

Sujatha Guduru is the Telugu news item of the day in America. From Seattle in the north-west to Miami in the south-east and from San Diego in the south-west to Boston in the north-east, Sujatha Guduru is the hot topic of discussion among Telugu biddas in America. If you’re not a Telugu bidda and wondering […]

Indian Among Top 10 Contributors to Linux

Linux, as the cognoscenti know, is not the work of hobbyists writing code in the evenings while simultaneously eating Samosas, drinking Masala Chai and watching Ram Charan Teja romance Priyanka Chopra in the Bollywood dud Zanjeer. Linux is serious business, the work of talented and dedicated programmers toiling to deliver a robust operating system for […]

$45 CuBox-i Computer a Sure Dud with Masses

Forget low-cost Indian computing duds like Simputer and Aakash. Meet CuBox-i, a new low-cost computer starting at $45 that has no hope of success in the mass market. CuBox-i Features CuBox-i is a line of four small form factor computers from SolidRun, an Israeli startup. The computers are powered by Arm processors and run on […]

Playing with Linux Easier than You Think

For less than the cost of a pirated Bollywood or Kollywood DVD, you can learn to play with the open source Linux operating system. Despite its enormous popularity as an enterprise server powering mission-critical operations at thousands of organizations including the likes of Google, IBM and the Amazon, the Linux operating system has failed to […]

Free Personal Cloud for Chutiyas

If there’s one thing Chutiyas a.k.a. Indians love more than even their litter (children), it’s free stuff. Mention the word “free” and you’ll draw Indians into a Pavlovian paroxysm of drooling, inducing a flood of saliva on the floor. So here’s my contribution today to getting Chutiyas into a drooling fit with a free personal […]

MSN TV – Microsoft Buries Another Flop

Adding to its long list of failed Internet ventures, Microsoft is shutting down its MSN TV Internet service on September 30, 2013. Those with long memories will remember that MSN TV had its origins in the Web TV venture founded by Steve Perlman et al. Founded in 1995, Web TV allowed the not-so-web savvy and […]