Will Apple Do a Jesus on Smartwatches?

Resurrection (Painting by Danish artist Carl Bloch) Billions of Christian zombies delight in the myth that Jesus rose bodily from the dead and fondly hail it as the Resurrection! In our own times, Apple is trying the Resurrection trick for watches with the impending launch of a line of smartwatches. Thus arises the multi-billion dollar […]

Telugu Whacko Timma Raju Kalidindi Plays Hardball – Pleads Not Guilty to Wife’s Murder

Another day in Amreeka, another Telugu murderer pleading Not Guilty! 🙁 Telugu bidda Timma Raju Kalidindi is playing hardball with prosecutors in Somerset County, New Jersey over the murder of his estranged wife Janaki Dantaluru. The 48-year-old software programmer who murdered his wife the old-fashioned way – by choking her and using a braided rope […]

Who’s Who of Indian Criminals in USA

Update: Telugu Bidda Raghu Yandamuri Execution Date Set for February 23, 2018 Indians are increasingly hogging the limelight in America. And for all the wrong reasons. I’m speaking of the increasing propensity of desis in the U.S. to commit all kinds of crimes – Violent, Non-Violent, Horrendous, Garden Variety, White-Collar, Sexual, Vehicular, Drug Peddling, Drug Possession, […]

The Silence – Murder Most Thrilling

Nothing shakes humans like murder or attempted murder. No, nothing comes even remotely close. As the escapee of a likely violent attack on a recent dark, rainy evening (December 14), I should know how chilling en ce moment, and thrilling in retrospect, the experience can be. Whether the victims are carefully chosen or random, murder […]

Biriyani Review – Ugly, Perverse, Sickening Piece of Shit

By MadMax673 I should have given a second thought about watching “Biriyani” oops Venkat Prabhu’s “diet.” My bad. Seriously, how is it possible to sustain energy after watching a piece of drivel that is a combo of shit load of movies you’ve seen before? To take off with, Biriyani starts off in a “True Lies” […]