Unhygienic Shithole Darbar Grill in Deep Shit for Allegedly Trying to Bribe NYC Health Inspector

Disgusting! Reports in the Wall Street Journal and other publications suggest that NYC Indian restaurant Darbar Grill is in trouble for allegedly attempting to bribe an undercover investigator for the NYC Health Department to ensure an A-grade (the highest grade of food safety and cleanliness under the city’s restaurant grading system introduced in July 2010). […]

Saravanaa Bhavan NYC Turns into Health Hazard; Unleashes Live Roaches, Mice and Flies on Diners

Let the word go forth from this time and place that South Indian vegetarian restaurant Saravanaa Bhavan NYC on Lexington Avenue has turned into a hygiene nightmare and health hazard for diners. Critical Hygiene Violations at Saravanaa Bhavan NYC Live Roaches, Mice/Live Mice and Flies in food and/or non-food areas, Inadequate Personal Cleanliness, Potential Food […]

Chola NYC has Rats, Mice, Food Contamination, Vermin Issues; NYC Health Dept Pees on Bollywood Actor Shiva Natarajan’s Chola Indian Restaurant

(A Public Service Blog Post) OMG, OMG, Rats, mice, vermin and food contamination issues? Chola NYC – Restaurant or Pig-Sty? Say, is Chola NYC on E.58th St in Midtown Manhattan an Indian restaurant or a filthy pig-sty. Folks, Rats, Mice, Vermin, Sewage and Food Contamination issues are some of the hygiene problems identified by the […]

Hooray, Obama Defeats Evil Mothafuckas with Health-Care Reform; Ends Mass Murder in America

Update: The U.S. House has voted in favor of the Health-care Reform Bill with 219 Democrats voting in favor and all (178) Republican Congressmen voting against the reform along with 34 Democratic traitors. President Obama will soon sign the historic legislation. 🙂 Many Americans are worried that a national health care system with universal coverage […]

Amazing America – America’s Healthcare Genocide at Home

Despicable greed by mercenary doctors, crooked hospitals, callous insurance firms and gluttonous pharmaceutical companies is playing havoc with the lives of Americans. Scary Survey Earlier today, Consumer Reports (a highly-respected non-partisan organization) put out the results of a survey. Folks, the results are very depressing and downright scary. According to the survey, 28% of Americans […]

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