2 Good Niches for Indian Writers – Corruption and Cowardice

Is it the long, sun-less winters that turn Scandinavian crime fiction writers to morbid, dark thoughts of blood, gore, murder, suicide, torture, guns and knives? Or is the selection of crime fiction niche just a serendipitous move that succeeded beyond any Scandinavian novelist’s wildest hopes. Some even say Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme’s murder in […]

2 States Review – Mildly Amusing Nonsense

If it’s Friday, it’s time for another tiresome Bollywood movie! Such has been my miserable kismet for several years now. And 2 States did not turn out to be markedly different from the usual wretched Bollywood tripe except for a few amusing moments here and there before the de rigueur happy ending. North-South Conflict Based […]

Telugu Murderer Sujatha May Plead Insanity

The lawyer for Florida Telugu murderer Sujatha Guduru, who shot her 17-year-old daughter on Monday, January 27, said today his client had been suffering from mental health problems for the last two decades. Sujatha Guduru may plead insanity as her defense. She has been charged with first degree murder, premeditated. In Florida, the charge is […]

Baran Review – Heartbreakingly Beautiful

(For SI Blog readers Kreacher, Unknown Virus, Boopalan  etc) I am not a big believer in love or its cathartic effects on the human soul! Insufferable romances churned out by Bollywood and its shittier regional siblings have only intensified my apathy to all things lovey-dovey. Still, I greatly enjoyed the Iranian film Baran (2001), which […]

Zanjeer Review – Trash Begets Trash

Don’t believe the clowns who tell you the old Zanjeer (1973) is an iconic or classic film. I watched a matinee show of the old Zanjeer (Amitabh Bachchan, Pran, Jaya Bhaduri, Ajit) on a hot summer day in its 1978 re-run. And to the great anguish of my dear and near ones, my recovery was […]

Movie Streaming Choices for Americans

Any time we open a digital media news blog, we read about the cord-cutters (those who have pulled the plug on cable) in America making life miserable for large cable companies like Comcast, Cablevision, RoadRunner etc. So where are the hoi polloi going for their entertainment fix every night then? Besides online porn, that is. […]

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