Samsung Galaxy S4 – Another Nail in iPhone’s Coffin

Samsung is launching Galaxy S4, the newest model of its smartphones at Radio City Music Hall in New York City this evening. Coincidentally, SI happens to be in NYC today. As I wander around Times Square and Radio City in Midtown Manhattan on a cloudy winter day, I see prominent Samsung Galaxy billboards in the […]

Android’s Share of Smartphones Rises

The new comScore marketshare numbers for smartphone platforms are out. And Google’s Android platform has increased its market share to nearly 44% for the three months ending August 31. Some 84.5 million people in the U.S. owned smartphones, up 10% from the preceding three month period. How long before every mobile phone in the U.S. […]

iPad will be Cock of the Tablet Walk Even in 2015

In what must come as a surprise only to the babbling Android fan-boys, a new study from market researcher Gartner forecasts that Apple iPads will continue to lord over the tablet market into 2015. The number-crunchers at Gartner see Apple commanding a market-share of over 50% until 2014. For the current year, the iPad is […]

Android Users Face Greater Malware Threat Now

Android users face greater threat from malware today than they did six months back. A new report from security services provider Lookout warns that Android users are two and a half times as likely to encounter malware today than 6 months ago. As if that were not scary enough, Lookout adds that three out of […]

Finally, a Decent Android Bazaar; Amazon Debuts Android Appstore

Internet retailer launched its Appstore for Android devices today in a move that could whittle away some of the advantages Apple has enjoyed with its hugely successful AppStore and overcome the disadvantages of Google’s Android Marketplace. Amazon’s new store can be accessed at and comes with a novel feature called “Test Drive” that […]