Android’s Share of Smartphones Rises

The new comScore marketshare numbers for smartphone platforms are out.

And Google’s Android platform has increased its market share to nearly 44% for the three months ending August 31.

Some 84.5 million people in the U.S. owned smartphones, up 10% from the preceding three month period.

How long before every mobile phone in the U.S. is a smartphone. Given that older iPhone models are now going for $99 (iPhone 4) and older models like iPhone 3GS are free, we should see an uptick in smartphone adoption.

As per comScore, Apple strengthened its #2 position, growing 0.7 percentage points to 27.3% of the smartphone market.

Struggling Canadian company RIM (Blackberry) came in third with 19.7%, followed by Microsoft (5.7%) and Symbian with a tiny 1.8%.

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    Off topic: Steve Jobs just passed away. Great visionary and marketing genius! Sad to learn he is no more… Responds:

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