Apple iPhone – Most Popular Phone Ever

Apple iPhone – let the idiots sneer and let the havenots lust for it.

The iPhone is a juggernaut whose momentum shows no sign of slowing.

With over 180 million units sold and several hundred thousand apps built for it, the iPhone continues to delight new users every day.

The current 4S model is the fifth iteration of the iPhone.

A few hours back, Apple announced its fiscal first quarter, 2012 results and the iPhone numbers were staggering. Apple sold over 37 million units in the quarter.

iPhone and related products and services yielded Apple $24.42 billion in the latest quarter.

We’ve used the iPhone since July 2008 (first the 3G model and later iPhone 4) and for the most part we’re satisfied customers.

Here’s a timeline of iPhone sales on a quarterly basis since its launch on June 29, 2007:

iPhone - Most Successful Phone in History

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