Arusuvai Chettinad: Satan’s Minions @ Work

When clueless bozos stray into the kitchen and headless chicken run helter skelter around the dining room, the ugly epiphany is a hopelessly trashy Indian restaurant called Arusuvai Chettinad in North Brunswick, NJ. The fitting punishment for such Indian restaurants dumpsters in New Jersey – Adi Seruppale (i.e. remove your old, dirty slippers and fling […]

Karaikudi Chettinad NJ Review – Disgusting, Sick Food

Never underestimate the genetic propensity of Indians to inflict hideous torture on their fellow citizens. The other day we made the godawful mistake of going to Karaikudi Chettinad on Oak Tree Road in Edison (NJ) and, man, it’s a miracle we’re still alive to tell y’all this sordid tale of woe, misery and suffering. Folks, in […]

Anjappar Chettinad USA – Awful Service, Lousy Food

Anjappar Chettinad NYC Review Anjappar Chettinad in North Brunswick, New Jersey gives a bad name not just to the famed Chettinad cuisine but to all Indian restaurants in the U.S. Disgusting service and a distasteful kitchen come together to deliver a dreadful experience to diners at Anjappar’s new outpost in North Brunswick, NJ. A far […]