iPad will be Cock of the Tablet Walk Even in 2015

In what must come as a surprise only to the babbling Android fan-boys, a new study from market researcher Gartner forecasts that Apple iPads will continue to lord over the tablet market into 2015. The number-crunchers at Gartner see Apple commanding a market-share of over 50% until 2014. For the current year, the iPad is […]

Blackberry PlayBook Tablets – A Bloody Disaster; Will PlayBook be the Next TouchPad?

Research in Motion, maker of the Blackberry phones and the PlayBook tablet, disclosed its PlayBook shipments today for its fiscal second quarter (ended August 27, 2011). And they are HIDEOUSLY  UGLY. RIM said it’d shipped 200,000 Blackberry Playbook tablets into the channel. Yes, a piffling 200,000 PlayBooks were shipped into the channel in the entire […]

Sony Commits Harakiri by Pricing S Tablet at $499

Sony told the world today its keen desire to ritually disembowel itself by pricing its new S tablet (based on Android) at $499 (16GB version), same as the market leader Apple iPad. The 32GB version of the S tablet will cost $599. Sony said the 9.4-inch S tablet would be available in stores next month […]

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