What’s Hotter Than Sunny Leone? Mi Pads

Xiaomi’s Mi Pad Tablets Oh no, we’re not talking of those pads! 😉 We’re drooling over Xiaomi’s sizzling Mi Pad tablets. While IDC and Gartner market researchers and analysts are endless moaning over slowing tablet sales, Chinese smartphone and tablet vendor Xiaomi just announced it sold 50,000 Mi Pad tablets in 3m:59s. Yes, that is […]

Xiaomi on a Tear, 271% Sales Growth

As my loyal readers have long know, I’m rarely, if ever, wrong when it comes to good taste! 😉 Over the last few months, I’ve frequently mentioned that Chinese smartphone vendor Xiaomi is an unstoppable force. Guess what? I was right (again). Xiaomi Mi 3 A short while ago Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun disclosed that […]

Mi Pad vs iPad – Me Says Mi Pad

Xiaomi’s First Tablet – Mi Pad If ever I buy an Android tablet, it’ll surely be the 64GB version of Xiaomi’s new Mi Pad. As expected, Xiaomi, the Apple of China, today launched its first tablet, the 7.9-inch Mi Pad. And the hordes of Xiaomi fans are delirious. If the big kahunas of the tablet […]

Is Asia a Goner for Samsung, Apple?

Americans and Europeans have been paying through their nose for smartphones, boosting the fortunes of greedy corporations like Apple and Samsung to stratospheric heights. The latest model of unlocked iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S series smartphones purchased at retail (which few do in the U.S.) will set you back at least $650. Together, Apple and […]