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Aug 122013

A ruling by federal judge today confirmed what millions of colored people who live in or visit the Big Apple have long suspected – New York City cops are racists who loath Blacks and Hispanics.

In her 195-page ruling, federal Judge Shira A. Scheindlin found that New York City Police Department engaged in unconstitutional behavior including racial profiling in implementing the controversial “Stop and Frisk” program.

Some victims of the Stop and Frisk program filed a complaint against both NYC and the New York City Police Department that it violated the Fourth Amendment and the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

“Blacks are likely targeted for stops based on a lesser degree of objectively founded suspicion than whites,” Judge Scheindlin wrote after a non-jury trial.

Judge Finds NYPD's Stop and Frisk Program Unconstututional and Racist

Brilliant Response by Judge

Judge Scheindlin rejected the argument of New York City experts that the race of crime suspects is the appropriate benchmark for measuring racial bias in stops.

The City and its highest officials believe that blacks and Hispanics should be stopped at the same rate as their proportion of the local criminal suspect population. But this reasoning is flawed because the stopped population is overwhelmingly innocent – not criminal. There is no basis for assuming that an innocent population shares the same characteristics as the criminal suspect population in the same area.

Just because Telugu bidda Raghunandan Yandamuri engaged in murder and kidnapping does not make all Telugus in America criminals!

Judge Scheindlin hit the nail on the head in her ruling:

Targeting young black and Hispanic men for stops based on the alleged criminal conduct of other young black or Hispanic men violates bedrock principles of equality.

Judge Scheindlin also came down on the NYPD’s unwritten rule of stopping “the right people,” police code for young Black and Hispanic men.

Racist Cops – Facts say It All

Sometimes in life the numbers say it all.

The majority of those stopped were Blacks or Hispanics and in the overwhelming majority of cases no weapon or contraband was found.

As a matter of fact, weapons and contraband were seized more often from Whites than Blacks or Hispanics.

Yet Blacks and Hispanics were more likely to be the victims of use of force by the NYC cops and stopped more often by the police.

* Of the 4.4 million stops between January 2004 and June 2012, 83% were either Blacks (51%) or Hispanics (32%) and in 10% the person was white.

• In 2010, New York City’s resident population was 23% black, 29% Hispanic, and 33% white.

* 52% of all stops were followed by a protective frisk for weapons. In 98.5% of the 2.3 million frisks, no weapon was found. A weapon was found only in 1.5% of these frisks.

• 8% of all stops led to a search into the stopped person’s clothing, ostensibly based on the officer feeling an object during the frisk that he suspected to be a weapon, or immediately perceived to be contraband other than a weapon. In 9% of these searches, the felt object was in fact a weapon. 91% of the time, it was not. In 14% of these searches, the felt object was in fact contraband. 86% of the time it was not. Continue reading »

Mar 012013

Many winters ago, I purchased Samosas at an Indian grocery store in New York for 75 cents.

On my way back home, it struck me that I did not have a microwave to heat my Samosas.

So I made a detour to the mall and picked up an LG microwave for $75 so that my 75-cent Samosas could be nice and warm as it entered my system.

In a similar spirit, I ended up spending about $10 in Manhattan the other day for the 10-cents it costs to charge my iPhone.

The battery in my iPhone was running low and I quickly popped into the Starbucks on Park Ave and 29th St to charge it.

But the coffee shop was crowded.

I hate it when White trash girls squat on one chair and rest their legs on another.

Classless bitches!

So in high dudgeon I rushed out and walked one block north, crossed the street and entered Toon Thai restaurant (Park Ave and E.30th St).

The place was empty except for a solitary diner waiting for her food.

I was greeted by a smiling waitress (why is it that Indian waiters invariably sport a mournful mien).

Toon Thai Basil Chicken - Image © SearchIndia.comKai Kra Prow (Thai Basil Chicken)

Toon Thai Cafe $8 Lunch Specials

My first thought was to find an electric plug-point and charge my in extremis iPhone. Continue reading »

Jan 022013

Thanks to remarkable marketing, New York City received 11 million foreign visitors in 2012.

Let’s not kid ourselves here about the so-called attractions of New York City.

Other than the Broadway shows, a bunch of good museums and Ellis Island (Statue of Liberty), New York City does not really have much to boast of.

Unlike India with a hoary past dating back thousands of years, New York City does not have much of a history to speak of.

No Qutub Minar, no Jantar Mantar, no Taj Mahal, no Sanchi Stupa, no Chola Temples, no Khajuraho, no Benares, no Rajinikant. Zilch, zip.

Until the enterprising Dutch immigrants came sailing into the southern tip of Manhattan in 1614 and established a settlement there, the area now known as New York City was home to the Algonquian tribes of Native Americans.

There was not much then and there’s not much now in New York City!

Times Square New York CityTimes Square New York City

With so little to boast about, still New York City attracted 41 million domestic visitors and 11 million international visitors in 2012.

All gaping at the not-so-gape-worthy billboards in Times Square.

No surprise then that New York City hotels sold 29 million hotel room nights and generated $504 million in hotel tax revenue in 2012.

The hospitality industry across the five boroughs of New York City today employs 356,000 New Yorkers.

NYC hoteliers must be laughing all the way to the bank.

Foreign Visitors to India

In contrast, the entire Mera Bharat Mahaan (India) with several thousand years of history and supposedly a “glorious past” got a paltry 6.4 million foreign visitors in 2012.

Foreign visitors to India in 2012 are based on SI estimates that take into account Ministry of Tourism figures that put foreign tourist arrivals up to the end of November at 5.89 million.

Besides creating thousands of jobs in New York City, the deluge of tourists is a huge boost to hotels, museums, Broadway theatres and other businesses.

Visitors to NYC are estimated to have generated $55.3 billion in economic impact to the city’s economy.

Why India Fares Poorly

Besides the obvious problems of pitiful infrastructure, crumbling monuments, all round filth and poor hygiene, India has done a rotten job of marketing the nation as a tourist destination.

If anything, India is synonymous in the West only with Delhi Belly.

Incredible India Campaign in NYCIncredible India Campaign on New York City Tour Bus

After several years of the Incredible India campaign, it’s a shame that India still gets less tourists than just New York City.

As if poor infrastructure and hopeless marketing were not bad enough, India is now developing a horrid reputation as a lawless land where rape, murder, theft and riots are all too common.

Every day brings fresh reports of gruesome rapes in the nation’s capital Delhi and all across the country.

Compounding the problem, India now has a prancing monkey heading the Ministry of Tourism.

Chiranjeevi’s only claim to fame so far is to make a monkey of himself in a few hundred trashy Telugu films. The bloke not only has zero experience in managing a large organization but his political debut too was a miserable failure.

With improvements in infrastructure and greater investments in maintaining monuments supported by a a souped-up marketing campaign, Incredible India has the potential to create tens of thousands of jobs in the tourism and hospitality sectors and add billions to the coffers of the nation’s economy.

Until then, India as a must-visit tourist destination will remain a mirage.

Dec 292012

Indian immigrant Sunando Sen’s alleged killer Erika Menendez is one big whacko and a Hindu hater.

Hindu Hater Erica Menendez - Sunando Sen's KillerErika Mendendez – Whacko

Erika – Total Whacko

The 31-year-old NYC Hispanic woman from Rego Park, Queens NYC, who allegedly murdered Sunando Sen Thursday evening by pushing him in front of the train at a Sunnyside Queens station, is a hopeless nut-case.

Erika Menendez admitted shoving Sunando Sen in front of the train to the police:

I pushed a Muslim off the train tracks because I hate Hindus and Muslims ever since 2001 when they put down the twin towers I’ve been beating them up.

OMG, what a weirdo this Erika Menendez is. Continue reading »

Dec 282012

I Hate Hindus, Says NYC Whacko Hindu Killer

These are not good times for Indians.

Two innocent Indians have died within 24-hours – Delhi rape victim in Singapore and an Indian immigrant in New York City.

Indian immigrant Sunando Sen died instantly after a crazy woman pushed him in front of a train Thursday evening at a train station in Queens, NYC. Continue reading »

Oct 262012

The next time you think of approaching a New York City policeman for help, think again!

Gilberto Valle, a 28-year-old New York City policeman, was arrested today for involvement in a plot to kidnap, cook and eat women.

It’s interesting that the arrest was made by FBI agents, suggesting that the New York Police Department was kept out of the loop out of fear of tipping the would-be cannibal Valle.

NYC Cop Planned to Cook & Eat WomenCannibal Cop Gilberto Valle

“I was thinking of tying her body onto some kind of apparatus…Cook her over a low heat, keep her alive as long as possible, ” he wrote to a co-conspirator.

Asked how big his oven was, Valle replied, “Big enough to fit one of these girls if I folded their legs.”

Cannibal Valle is being held without bail.

Valle’s estranged wife is said to have tipped off the FBI over bizarre and disturbing items on his computer.

And y’all thought Indian cops were bad?

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