Bvlgari Man in Black – Ideal for Curry Hogs

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Jan 082015
Bvlgari Man in Black - Ideal for Curry Hogs

“You can smell an Indian before you see or hear him” is a truism as old as the Himalayas. Just the other day, I stumbled upon a furphy that Alexander the Great hurriedly scampered out of India after crushing the local king Porus not because his soldiers mutinied; au contraire, it seems the Emperor found the strange miasma surrounding the vast Indian countryside and the people so off-putting he went nauseous at the mere sound of the words “India” and “Indian,” an allergy that was to stay with the bloodthirsty warrior till his premature end a few months later. “The […]

Which Apple Blog Should You Read?

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Oct 172014
Which Apple Blog Should You Read?

Your infinite fascination for all things Apple matches mine. Alas, your time is finite. So which Apple blog should you spend more time on for the latest news, reviews and how-tos of Macs, iPhones and iPads. To gauge the popularity of the major Apple blogs, I took a dekko at Alexa rankings (not perfect but all we have) and then added my own observations. BTW, did you know most tech blogs including dedicated Apple news sites get a good chunk of visitors from my two favorites – U.S. and India. This is not surprising considering Apple and most startups are […]

Jul 292014
South Indians have Ruined U.S. IT Job Market, Says New Book

Forgery, favoritism and corruption have enabled Telugus and Tamils (the South Indians referred to in the book) to dominate and ruin the U.S. IT jobs market, according to a new e-book published on Amazon. If the broken U.S. IT job market has to be fixed, the monopoly of Telugus and Tamils over these jobs must be ended, argues the author (supposedly an Indian) writing under the nom de guerre Trueblue The title of the e-book is: The Rise of South Indians: Invisible Dimension in Decline of Jobs for Americans in US Economy. It costs $3.80 on Amazon. Valid Points Although […]

Jul 242014

I’ve never seen a spectacle so perverse, so utterly ridiculous as an Indian turning into a big-time robber (stealing millions both in India and overseas) merely to help sick orphans. Get real, P-u-h-l-e-e-ze. As anyone the least bit familiar with the subcontinent’s ethos and culture will attest, our people are ‘devils‘ utterly bereft of the milk of human kindness. Inflicting their logorrhoea about fictitious charity programs in every media interview, Indian ‘devils’ get their daily ‘kick‘ from murdering homeless people by running their cars over them, beating girlfriends, killing and barbecuing endangered deer, assaulting photographers and only the great Allah […]

Jul 212014
Kindle Unlimited - Indians, Stay Away

Unlike Apple or Netflix, Amazon has never had class. If you ask me, Amazon is merely a more efficient version of Walmart and the Post Office combined. What I mean is that Amazon lets you get cheap stuff delivered to your house or office fast. Kindle e-reader and Kindle tablet are both cheap plastic junk targeted at those who lack the class and the ingenuity to beg, borrow or steal an iPad. And Amazon Prime Instant Video is mostly old stuff for people who thrive on leftovers. Given my knowledge of Amazon’s lowbrow offerings, I did not expect the just […]

Jul 112014

Caesar Loves Humans More than Apes. – Koba I always think Apes better than Humans. I see now how much like them we are. – Caesar – Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Not since the beast Salman Khan emerged out of the womb have things looked so bleak for the human race. Simian flu and fighting have brought the human race to the brink, leaving pockets of survivors here and there in a powerless, effete state. As the wise (chimp) Caesar says a decade later: Humans destroyed each other. Power – Elixir of Life In San Francisco, a […]