We’re Voting for Obama; Hope You Do the Same

SearchIndia.com is a supporter of Barack Obama in the belief that, although not the best, he’s the lesser evil.

Of course, our dream candidate is consumer activist Ralph Nader but sadly the man’s got no chance.

As Americans, we’re considerably distressed at the decline wrought by years of Republican plutocrats at the helm.

Today, America stands at the abyss.

Our economy is crashing, the collapse of the housing market is depressing, Wall Street’s meltdown is terrifying, banks are failing, infrastructure is crumbling, corruption is increasing and affordable healthcare is vanishing.

And the great American dream for most folks of prosperity through hard work is all but evaporating.

In short, America is beginning to look like the India we left behind many years ago.

We’ve been avid watchers of the American political scene for several years and feel that Obama represents the best hope and opportunity for change – not radical change but some change from politics as usual.

We like Obama’s position on key issues like taxes (rolling back the Bush tax cuts for the fat cats), outsourcing (in his acceptance speech Obama promised to stop giving tax breaks to corporations that ship jobs overseas and start giving them to companies that create good jobs in America), the Iraq war (Obama was opposed to it and promises to end the war), Wall Street (Obama favors more regulation), foreign policy (promises a retreat from the arrogant Bush-Cheney my way or the highway attitude) and health care (his promise to provide affordable healthcare to all Americans).

We also like Obama’s resilience in the face of a relentless Republican smear campaign that seeks to paint him as naive, immature and even tie him to terrorists.

Barack Obama’s Republican opponent John McCain and his dumb sidekick Sarah Palin (she of the $150,000 wardrobe (fame) are clueless buffoons whose sole effete mantra is more tax cuts.

Although we’re distressed at the obscene $603 million that Obama has raised in his race to the White House, we take solace that a lot of the moolah may have come from small donors.

Unfortunately, both Obama and McCain are indifferent to good public transportation, perhaps because they think they have bigger issues to contend with.

But a strong and affordable public transportation network encompassing more trains, buses and subway lines will cut pollution, reduce our oil dependency and bring down the stress and road-rage from long commutes.

From what we’ve seen of our fellow desis in the U.S., Indians here are generally wary and harbor bad stereotypes of Blacks. It’s time to set aside such petty resentments and objectively examine the options before us.

We’re not going to be presumptuous enough to tell you who you should vote for on November 4 but we do wish to warn you that the consequences of another term for the Republicans who pied-pipered us into this disastrous mess can best be described in one word – frightening.

Yes, we are voting for Obama in the coming Presidential Elections on November 4. Not because we believe that Obama will usher in some fine Utopian ending like in Bollywood films where everything always ends well but in the fond hope that the dystopian descent into a Dantean hell will at least slow down. You see, the rot is so deep that even someone with a sharp intellect like Barack Obama will have a very hard time grappling with so many urgent issues.

Since we have little faith in God, we will not end this lengthy post with that favorite expression of our jackass President George W.Bush – God Bless America.

Instead, we will end by wishing Barack Obama Good Luck in the hard road ahead.

2 Responses to "We’re Voting for Obama; Hope You Do the Same"

  1. satya   October 23, 2008 at 11:19 am

    Off topic. I am a regular visitor to this website called faithfreedom.org. The author there lists out all the personality traits of Obama and suspects he might’ve “Narcissist personality disorder”.

    Becoming The president of USA is like becoming literaly the most powerful man in the world. so the author suggests all presidential candidates to have their mental checkup done and results of test be made public.

    I think that is a good idea. Dont you think if Bush mental checkup was done before previous election our country would’ve been better.

    SearchIndia.com Responds:

    1. You write above: Dont you think if Bush mental checkup was done before previous election our country would’ve been better.

    If Bush had gone to a regular hospital for mental checkup, they’d have immediately dispatched the blithering idiot to a veterinary hospital because his brain-size would have been found to be so small. All that partying and heavy drinking (a well documented fact) by Bush in his younger days must have fried the idiot’s brains.

    2. The “Obama is a Narcisist” article you cite above seems more like a hatchet job than an objective piece.

  2. bimmer   October 28, 2008 at 4:22 pm

    Cannot agree more with u on this

    This Lousy tax laws..Wall street meltdown…OBAMA would be the right candidate at this time (Better than Mccain and Palin) to Lead the country to a stable economic position.

    Lets hope for the Best and Cast Vote to the Democratic Candidate OBAMA…

    SearchIndia.com Responds:

    You write: OBAMA would be the right candidate at this time (Better than Mccain and Palin) to Lead the country to a stable economic position

    Yes, we agree with you 100%.

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