Is Asia a Goner for Samsung, Apple?

Americans and Europeans have been paying through their nose for smartphones, boosting the fortunes of greedy corporations like Apple and Samsung to stratospheric heights. The latest model of unlocked iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S series smartphones purchased at retail (which few do in the U.S.) will set you back at least $650. Together, Apple and […]

New Mobile Phones @ MWC – Nothing Sexy

Since it’s Mobile World Congress (Barcelona) time of the year, we must endure a flurry of announcements of new smartphones this week. I took a dekko at the features and specs of several of the new smartphones. None of the new devices provoke the least envy or induce the remotest temptation to abandon my iPhone […]

Sati Savitris, Screw Without getting Screwed

Fear of getting pregnant is the biggest joy killer any woman faces while spreading her legs for a quick toss in the hay. And our Sati Savitris a.k.a. Indian babes are no different from other women in their eagerness to spread their legs or fretting about unwanted pregnancies. Hey, it’s just hormones at play. Unlike […]

Say No To Babies with Android App

Unwanted pregnancies lead to abortions or unwanted babies. Both terrible outcomes! Back in my day, smart women knew what to do on ‘those‘ days. Where have all ‘those’ women gone? Today’s pill-popping women are a different story altogether. 🙁 They are either too busy, too stressed out or too lazy that they can’t even remember […]