At This Rate, Apple Will be a Niche, Irrelevant Smartphone Player in a Few Years

Apple may be getting all the smartphone love for its iPhones but Android is clobbering Apple’s iOS platform and Windows Phone in unit shipments and market share. Every quarter brings more distressing news for Apple vis-a-vis  its declining market share. At this rate, I suspect Apple will be an irrelevant player in the smartphone universe, […]

HP CEO Meg Whitman Goes Bonkers

HP CEO and failed governor candidate Meg Whitman must be one crazy woman! Why else would HP announce FIVE new Android and Windows tablets when most vendors of these tablets are struggling to sell their devices and not lose too much money. Android tablet vendors are in a price war to the bottom while Windows […]

Moto X Not a Game Changer

Considering Google paid a whopping $12.5 billion for the Motorola acquisition, I’m disappointed with the new Moto X smartphone. Launched yesterday, Moto X is the first smartphone offering from Motorola after it came under Google’s stewardship. Moto X should be available later this month or in early September in the U.S. and Canada for $199 […]

Google’s Chromecast is Not a Big Deal

As an Indian, I’ll be the first to admit that Google’s spanking new Chromecast streaming device appeals to my cheapo desi instincts. I’m already drooling over the price! Hey, $35 seems like a steal for a device that can ‘cast’ content from a small-screen device like laptop, smartphone or tablet to your big-screen TV. Chromecast […]