Part 2 of Epic Telugu Bidda Yandamuri Crime Drama Starts Sep 15

Update: OMG! Telugu Bidda Yandamuri Trial Cancelled When it comes to Telugu crime dramas in America, it’s an embarras de choix. Balaji of the Seven Hills so loves his Andhroid flock that he’s simulcasting multiple Telugu bidda reality crime dramas in America. U.S. Telugu reality crime shows typically feature biddas stabbing, shooting, strangling, kidnapping, robbing, […]

Indian Coders Rank Poorly

Chutiya programmers a.k.a. Indian coders are all over the place. From Hicksville in New York to Sunnyvale in California to Geneva in Switzerland, I’ve spotted Indian code monkeys in buses, trains, Indian restaurants, parks, office towers and tourist attractions. With all these tens of thousands of Chutiyas strutting around and poring endlessly over their computers, […]

Why are Indians Going to Town on Rape?

(Image Courtesy: Times of India) If you ask me, Indians (media, people and politicians) are going overboard on rape. Now I’m not one to suggest we bestow honors on criminals who attack women or hang marigold garlands around rapists’ necks. Every human – male, female and the transgendered – needs to be protected from society’s […]

Bharara Targets Aam Aadmi Visa Fraudsters

After a recent high profile court battle against NYC Indian diplomat Devyani Khobragade for visa fraud over her maid’s monthly salary, U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York Preet Bharara is now going after aam aadmi (average Indians) in the U.S. for alleged student visa and financial aid fraud. Preet Bharara Aam Aadmi […]

India Still World’s Greatest Shithole

India Still World’s Greatest Shithole

What is shocking in India is this picture of someone practising open defecation and in the other hand having a mobile phone. – WHO Director of Public Health Maria Neira Of all the shitholes and hellholes in the world, nothing can match that stinking eyesore known as India. No other country comes even remotely close […]