Tabla NYC Kisses the Dust; Closing Dec. 30

High profile NYC Indian restaurant Tabla will be the latest desi eating house in the Big Apple to join the gone baby, gone club. After failing to attract sufficient diners to succeed as a business, the 12-year-old Tabla is shutting its doors on December 30. Bombay/Goa native Floyd Cardoz calls the shots in Tabla’s kitchen. […]

Chola NYC has Rats, Mice, Food Contamination, Vermin Issues; NYC Health Dept Pees on Bollywood Actor Shiva Natarajan’s Chola Indian Restaurant

(A Public Service Blog Post) OMG, OMG, Rats, mice, vermin and food contamination issues? Chola NYC – Restaurant or Pig-Sty? Say, is Chola NYC on E.58th St in Midtown Manhattan an Indian restaurant or a filthy pig-sty. Folks, Rats, Mice, Vermin, Sewage and Food Contamination issues are some of the hygiene problems identified by the […]

Baluchi’s Rakesh Aggarwal: A Million $$ Nightmare

Poor Rakesh Aggarwal could soon become Poorer Rakesh Aggarwal. Poorer? Yes, after all, the owner of the Baluchi’s Indian restaurant chain in New York City might now have to fork out close to a million dollars ($967,000 to be precise) in a proposed legal settlement with some of his current and former employees. Our heart […]