Bhojan NYC Review – A Dystopian Nightmare

Bhojan NYC is a hideous nightmare whose memories we’re desperately trying to purge from the dark recesses of our minds. Folks, food at many NYC Indian restaurants is bad but few as repulsively horrible as Bhojan NYC on Lexington Ave. in Manhattan. It’s as if this vegetarian Indian restaurant was set up solely to provide […]

Maharaja Sweets NYC – Glimpses of Heaven

Does it really matter if an NYC Indian restaurant possesses a no-frills look from the outside and on the inside as long as the food is divine. Folks, ignore the drab decor at Maharaja Sweets and Snacks on 37th Avenue in Jackson Heights, NY. As you walk into the store, you see a glass case […]

Dosa Hutt NYC – Divine Dosa; Baaad Coffee

It’d been eons since we visited the Flushing Dosa Hutt or whatever Indian restaurant existed in its place then. So during a recent visit to the elephant-headed Hindu God Ganesh at the Flushing Hindu Temple on Bowne St in Queen’s the other day (we didn’t go inside but others in our group did), we took […]

Jackson Diner NYC – Average Food & Poor Service

Unlike the many clueless little twits on Yelp, Chowhound or other such sites where the ignorati herd gather to chew the fat, we know Indian food. So with the growing chatter on Jackson Diner (an entrenched player on the Indian strip at 74th St in Jackson Heights, NY) setting up shop in Manhattan on University […]

Paki Dosa Cart @ 39th St & 6th Ave in NYC Serves Lousy Dosa

Oh My God! Oh My God! Question: What’s worse than a North Indian restaurant in New York City making a mess of the delicious South Indian crepe Masala Dosa? Answer: A Pakistani food cart in New York City peddling awful Masala Dosa. We were wandering around New York City yesterday when our eyes fell on […]