Stripped! Rajat Gupta Devyanized Today

June 17, 2014 will count as the worst day in 65-year-old Indian crook Rajat Gupta’s life. Why? Read on, sweetie! Crook – Off to Prison Rajat Gupta – Stripped As part of his entry into a federal prison today following his conviction on insider trading charges, Rajat Gupta was most likely asked to strip while […]

Prison, Here I Come – Rajat Gupta

Greedy Indian chutiya Rajat Gupta is preparing himself for prison with the Federal Appeals Court for the Second Circuit in New York today rejecting his appeal against his conviction for insider trading and securities fraud by the U.S. District Court in 2012. The 65-year-old multimillionaire with multiple homes in the U.S. will likely be lodged […]

Guilty! Greedy Desi Millionaire Crook Rajat Gupta with $130m & 3 Homes Going to Jail

A federal jury in New York City today found former McKinsey chief Rajat Gupta guilty of insider trading. The jury convicted Gupta on three counts of securities fraud and one count of conspiracy. A close business associate of the jailed hedge fund billionaire Raj Rajaratnam, Gupta passed along confidential corporate information to Rajaratnam who then […]

OMG, OMG, SEC Charges IIT-D Alumnus Rajat Gupta in Rajaratnam Insider Trading Scandal

IIT Delhi alumnus and Harvard MBA Rajat Kumar Gupta has been charged with insider trading by the Securities and Exchange Commission. The SEC today charged Rajat Gupta with illegally tipping Galleon Management founder and hedge fund manager Raj Rajaratnam with inside information about the quarterly earnings at Goldman Sachs and Procter & Gamble as well […]