Tees Maar Khan Box Office – Royally Screwed

Angry moviegoers collectively unzipped their fly and roundly peed on Bollywood star Akshay Kumar, a habitual beneficiary of theft, over his latest crap-show Tees Maar Khan. Tees Maar Khan – Rotten at Box Office Folks, Tees Maar Khan has fared miserably over the Christmas weekend at the U.S. box office. Universally scorned by critics, the […]

Tees Maar Khan Hammered by Movie Critics

From the New York Times to the Times of India and beyond, Akshay Kumar’s latest movie Tees Maar Khan has been brutally torn apart by movie critics. Here’s what a sample of critics had to rant against Tees Maar Khan: * Reuters [O]ne of the year’s most awaited and hyped films has turned out to […]

Tees Maar Khan Review – Insufferable Trash

Folks, to merely dismiss Tees Maar Khan as yet another amateurish Bollywood piece of junk would be an egregious blunder. For Tees Mar Khan is so much worse. Infinitely worse. Tees Maar Khan (which released in the U.S. today) is so unbearably awful that we wouldn’t in the least be surprised if many of you […]