Tees Maar Khan Hammered by Movie Critics

From the New York Times to the Times of India and beyond, Akshay Kumar’s latest movie Tees Maar Khan has been brutally torn apart by movie critics.

Here’s what a sample of critics had to rant against Tees Maar Khan:

* Reuters

[O]ne of the year’s most awaited and hyped films has turned out to be a dud of the highest order.

* Rediff

TMK, scripted by Khan’s husband Shirish Kunder, is like that tasteless, dull chewing gum that you feel like throwing away as soon as you take the first bite. With each bite, the film tastes worse.


Tees Maar Khan is a classic example of a cluttered film in which a hodgepodge of characters incoherently jabbers ludicrous dialogues building up an odd plot that just refuses to make any sense at any point of time.

* Times of India

All the characters end up as mere caricatures and completely fail to build up an emotional quotient in the film….But eventually, fun needs a foundation too and spoofs need some substance to carry them through. TMK has colour, humour, pace but nothing does seem to fall in place in terms of plot and character connect.

* New York Times

Ms. Khan, who is also a choreographer, has a bright pop sensibility and a determination to keep things light. But here, saddled with a slapdash, not-clever-enough script by Shirish Kunder (her husband), she can’t pull a magical movie out of her hat. Nor can she make her stars as winning as they need to be. Mr. Kumar and Katrina Kaif mug and dance and work hard, but they’re not called upon to play characters so much as shtick figures, and the cartoonish world they inhabit isn’t appealing or buoyant enough to carry the day.

* SearchIndia.com

Insufferable trash.

* Economic Times

The dialogues written by Shirish Kunder and Ashmith Kunder in synchronized stanzas try too hard to be funny but fall flat at most instances and are repeated too often without much repeat value….Tees Maar Khan doesn’t even guarantee thirty good laughs in its three hour runtime.


Tees Maar Khan, adapted from After the Fox, by writers Shrish and Ashmit Kunder, is disappointingly limp and insistently low IQ….In Tees Maar Khan, everyone is overacting as though life depends on it. There is a lot of screaming, grimacing and heaving.

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