After the Fox Review – So Bad That’s it’s Good for the Bollywood Thieves

Tees Maar Khan Review – Insufferable Trash

A short while ago, we switched on our TV, then the Roku set-top box and started streaming the Peter Sellers movie After the Fox (1966) via Netflix Instant Play.

The first 15 or 20 minutes of the movie were endurable but then the so called comedy went so completely downhill that it was with the utmost difficulty we restrained ourselves from hurling the remote at the screen.

Folks, we couldn’t wait for it to end.

Heaving a sigh of relief as the titles started rolling toward the end, we wondered if one of our Bollywood bozos was involved in writing the asinine script.

No, the horrendously bad script was penned by Neil Simon.

Our verdict of the movie – Utter Garbage.

With a script so asinine that not even Peter Sellers could salvage the film, it’s a shame that this so-called comedy even hit the screen.

The Story or What Passes for It

Peter Sellers plays Aldo Vanucci, an accomplished thief a.k.a known as the Fox for the cunning he shows in committing his various crimes.

Aldo is enlisted to help in getting gold bars stolen in a Cairo heist into Europe.

To execute the plan, Aldo pretends to be a neorealist film director and fools the people of Sevalio village and an aging Hollywood star into assisting him.

But the plot, even for a comedy, is completely ridiculous and hopelessly amateurish. More like a bunch of high-school kids attempting to make a movie.

Although the acting is decent, the script is so ineffective that even the supposedly comic aspects utterly fail to strike a chord with viewers.

Besides the acting of Peter Sellers, the three fellas who play his cronies and the two policemen on his trail, we were also impressed with Lando Buzzanca, who plays the police chief of Sevalio.

In a movie that’s full of crap, the film-making scenes in Sevalio were easily the worst, utterly crass and bereft of anything remotely resembling art.

We didn’t think much of the Swedish actress Britt Ekland who plays a star-struck aspiring actress Gina Romantica. You might be interested to know that when the movie was made Britt Ekland was Peter Sellers’ real-life wife.

Overall, After the Fox is such a piece of shit that we wouldn’t be surprised to see a dumb Bollywood film-maker doing a Hindi version one of these days with a major star.

Watch this space!

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