Ford, GM, Chrysler Beg, Beg & Beg; Let ’em Die

Like the persistent decrepit beggars outside any Hindu Temple in India, the three Detroit Idiots are begging, begging and begging.  America’s struggling auto makers Ford, GM and Chrysler fell to the lowest point of their existence today when the CEOs of the three auto companies went before the U.S. Senate Banking Committee and shamelessly begged for $25 […]

Teen TV (the Sex Stuff) = Teen Pregnancy

Anita Chandra , a desi (?) researcher at RAND, has found that U.S. teens watching television programs with more sexual content are more likely to be involved in a pregnancy. According to the study, published in the November issue of the journal Pediatrics, adolescents who have high levels of exposure to television programs that contain […]

Want to Get Rid of Your Child? Head to Nebraska

This is one of those Only in America stories. The American media is all atwitter about a Nebraska law that lets parents abandon their young children without facing serious repercussion. Nebraska’s Safe Haven Law allows parents to abandon a child at a hospital without fear of prosecution. According to Nebraska’s safe-haven law: No person shall […]

Desi Butcher Vikram Pandit Massacres 50,000

Not since Emperor Ashoka invaded Kalinga in 261 BC and left a battlefield overflowing with blood has any other desi inflicted so much destruction and misery as the desi butcher a.k.a Citigroup CEO Vikram Pandit. Call it the Monday morning bloody massacre. Citigroup CEO Vikram Pandit, who’s in over his head at the financial supermarket, […]

Vikram Pandit & Shitty oops Citi Shares

For some time now, we have believed that desi butcher Vikram Pandit is the wrong man for the top job at Citigroup. Other than butchering tens of thousands of jobs at Citigroup and presiding over the departure of top executives like Sallie Krawcheck, Pandit has done little to boost morale or significantly improve the business […]

What’s in Your Bra – Formaldehyde?

So stupid you thought formaldehyde was used only to preserve dead frogs or embalm grandma’s dead body before the burial. Think again. A lawsuit has been filed against sexy lingerie company Victoria’s Secret in the U.S. alleging that the firm uses formaldehyde in its bras. Yes, formaldehyde in the bras. No kidding.   Formaldehyde in […]

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