Black Friday is Coming – Discount Crazy Americans!

One of the craziest and busiest days for shopping in the U.S. is Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving). It is called Black Friday because legend has it that retailers start to get into the black from that day.  While tis’ true that Indians love a great bargain and will haggle you away to death […]

Sarah Palin – What a Schmuck!

So you thought George W.Bush was an idiot. Boy, you ain’t seen idiot until you see John McCain’s VP running mate and Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. Fox News (a news channel friendly to Republicans) has been reporting that during debate preparations Sarah Palin did not know that Africa was a continent. We swear we are not making this up. […]

U.S. Auto Industry Screwed – Hope, India is Next

Cars are a curse, the spawn of the Devil himself. Cars are not liberating but incredibly suffocating. After the stress of driving several lakh KM over many years, you have no idea of how much schadenfreude we derive from the current dismal state of the auto industry. To say that GM, Ford and Chrysler are […]

Quote of the Day – Narayana Murthy

Concerned about the impact on those lucrative outsourcing contracts from the U.S., Indian CEOs are likely peeing in their trousers following Barack Obama’s victory in the U.S. Presidential polls. This is what Infosys co-founder and Chief Mentor N.R.Narayana Murthy had to say: We believe Obama to be a pragmatic leader who understands that American industry […]

Obama Wins; Outsourcing to India Screwed?

We are so thrilled. Barack Obama has decisively won the U.S. Presidential elections. *********************  Based on early results, confidently declares that Democratic candidate Barack Obama has won the historic U.S. presidential elections bringing the long Republican nightmare and misadministration to an end. At 10:29 PM EST, Obama already had 207 votes in the bag […]

Yes, We Voted for Obama; We Hope You’ll Do the Same

We are just back from the polling booth at the local middle school having cast our vote for Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama. We hope you’ll consider voting for Obama because he’s the better candidate in this crucial election. John McCain and his fellow Republicans represent more of the same nonsense we’ve endured for the […]

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