Sati Savitris, Screw Without getting Screwed

Fear of getting pregnant is the biggest joy killer any woman faces while spreading her legs for a quick toss in the hay. And our Sati Savitris a.k.a. Indian babes are no different from other women in their eagerness to spread their legs or fretting about unwanted pregnancies. Hey, it’s just hormones at play. Unlike […]

At This Rate, Apple Will be a Niche, Irrelevant Smartphone Player in a Few Years

Apple may be getting all the smartphone love for its iPhones but Android is clobbering Apple’s iOS platform and Windows Phone in unit shipments and market share. Every quarter brings more distressing news for Apple vis-a-vis  its declining market share. At this rate, I suspect Apple will be an irrelevant player in the smartphone universe, […]

Chinese Slave Owner’s Marketshare Down

Future historians will undoubtedly record that Apple was one of the worst exploiters of less fortunate humans. Despite having over $100 billion in the bank, Apple continues to exploit tens of thousands of poor Chinese workers who toil to make the iPhones, iPads and iMacs that consumers drool over in the West. So miserable and […]

Poor Demand for iPhone 5C Forces Discounts

It looks like there’s not much demand for Apple’s new iPhone 5C smartphones. How else can you explain discounts on Apple’s new plastic smartphone from multiple retailers in the U.S. Few Takers for iPhone 5C? It’s impossible to get discounts on a two-week old iPhone unless the product is not selling. Walmart, Best Buy and […]