9m iSheep Jump On iPhone 5s & 5c Train

Sheep, I tell you. Nine million of them. Apple is gloating that nine million consumers lined up and purchased the new iPhones over the September 20-22, 2013 weekend. All for two phones, iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, that don’t add much over the older iPhone 5. Even the Touch ID fingerprint sensor, the much ballyhooed […]

iPhone 5s gets Lots of Review Love

Android and Windows (??) Phone fans can moan and whine endlessly about the world’s iPhone fixation but each new release of the iPhone receives mostly gushing love from reviewers and users. The new iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c have yet to move into the hands of users but they’re receiving lots of love from reviewers. […]

iPhone 5S – Apple Screws iSheep Again

Ever since Steve Jobs kicked the bucket, Apple has been lean on jazzy, must-have features in upgrades to its iPhones. In my not so humble opinion, iPhone buyers are no longer getting value for money. I skipped the last two versions because the enhancements were gimmickry. iPhone 4S came with a joke of a Siri […]

Oyster is Pricey & Not Worth It

Who in their right minds would fork out $10 a month to read books on an iPhone! Apparently, there are Americans who are non compos mentis enough to do so. Why else would NYC startup Oyster launch an e-book subscription service offering a collection of 100,000 e-books across different genres for 10 bucks a month. […]

Jobs Review – Incomplete Job

What Intel has done for the microprocessor, we’re going to do for the home computer. – Apple co-founder Steve Jobs in the Hollywood movie Jobs Steve Jobs was a Class A asshole in his shabby treatment of people around him. Jobs was also an astute and wealthy businessman thanks to co-founding Apple and his role […]

Tech News Has Lost All Sense of Proportion

News loses all meaning when journalists consider everything related to Apple as earth-shattering developments. Over the last 48-hours, bloggers and journalist from across the world, but mostly here in the U.S.,  have focused on the “revelation” that September 10 is the launch date for Apple’s next iPhone. Some five dozen publications piggybacked on All ThingsD’s […]