Nazi Pope Benedict XVI Resigning

Pope Benedict XVI, who was a Nazi in his younger days, is stepping down at the end of February. A Pope has not resigned in about 600-years. The last Pope to voluntarily step down was Pope Gregory XII in 1415. By all sensible accounts, Benedict XVI is a crazy nut with a hard line on […]

How Many Hindus, Sikhs & Muslims in U.S.?

How Many Hindus, Sikhs & Muslims in U.S.?

It’s safe to assume that the majority of people of Indian origin living in the United States are either Hindus, Sikhs or Muslims. After all, these three religions account for about 97% of India’s population. And most people of Indian origin in America have come primarily from India (along with small numbers from Uganda, UK, […]

Nazi Pope Benedict Offended by (un)Kiss

Nazi Pope Benedict XVI Resigning We’ve never been great fans of Benetton clothes or for that matter their ‘United Colors of Benetton’ ads. Until today, that is. Hey, who can resist the great (un)smooching, Photoshopped pictures below from Benetton’s new “Unhate” ad campaign. 😉 A Kiss is Just a Kiss….And When Two Lovers Woo Where […]

Jain Gods of America – A Photo Tour

Just as night follows day, you can be sure where there are Indians temples will surely follow. Even if it be America. There are 100 Jain temples in the U.S. (source: Wiki). We’re inclined to believe that of the countless faiths and religions in the world Jainism and Buddhism inflict the least harm on society. […]

Chicago Hindu Temples – A Photo Tour

(Photos by Naveen, SI & Rama Dasa) Chicago is an embarras de richesse when it comes to Hindu temples. Drawing devotees from near and far, and doubtless the most prominent Hindu Temple in the area, is the Sri Venkateswara Swamy Temple in Aurora. The other popular Hindu landmark in the Chicago area is the Rama Temple […]