Do Rama, Sita, Lakshman & Hanuman Really Look Like their Depiction in Below Picture? Just Wondering!

Rama Navami starts today, according to the wise folks at Wikipedia. And as we were scrolling through our image collection of Hindu Gods, we couldn’t help but wonder whether Rama, his wife Sita, devoted brother Lakshman and Rama’s faithful soldier Hanuman really looked like their depiction in the below photograph? Rama (center), Lakshman (left) and […]

Muslim Heroes Thriving, Hindu Zeroes Dying in Bollywood

Here’s one of the biggest conundrums for all ye schmucks. Why is it in Hindu majority India it’s the Muslim heroes in Bollywood who walk away with all the glory, a lot of the moolah and most of the box office successes while Hindu heroes increasingly turn into zeroes. Movie after movie featuring Hindu heroes […]

Muslims Breed @ Double the Rate of Non-Muslims

To those of you who have long suspected that Muslims are breeding at a faster rate than non-Muslims, yes, you are right. Muslim women, indeed, are putting forth little Rahmans at a faster rate than the Hindus are ejecting little Rams or the Christians are dropping little Roberts onto terra firma. A new study has […]

Are Jains the Ultimate Sado-Masochists?

Of the major religions we’ve had the most exposure to, i.e. Christianity, Hinduism and Islam, there’s not the slightest doubt in our mind that all three are absolute balderdash. Total nonsense. Their insane practices, stupid prayers, bizarre sacrifices and mindless adherents drive us up the wall. They merely offer solace to the dimwits desperate for […]