Tear Down Austin Gurdwara; Court Decision is Fair

We are encouraging all freedom loving people to help us in our endeavour to reverse this over-reaching and unjust decision – Austin Gurdwara Sahib Folks, do not for a moment swallow the argument of these whining Sardarjis of Austin that the court decision was unjust – The Texas Appeals Court decision ordering the tearing down […]

Kill the Ground Zero Mosque

(For SI Blog reader Pippa) We can’t stand the Big Business-friendly Republicans but in this instance we’re with them. No Mosque in the Ground Zero area or even downtown Manhattan. As best as we know, you can’t build a Church/Synagogue/Mandir/Gurdwara in any of the Muslim nations and to even think of building a mosque in […]

SI Reads Quran 7 – Hamas Traitor is Right on Allah

Statutory Warning: All Religions are Equally Stupid The Wall Street Journal on Saturday featured an interview with Hamas traitor Mosab Hassan Yousef, a confessed spy for Israeli security agency Shin Bet, a convert to Christianity and also oldest son of a Hamas founder Sheikh Hassan Yousef. In the interview, here’s what the Hamas traitor Mosab […]