Android Beats iPhone – Ahem, in the Toilet

Aha! After searching high and nigh we finally found one place where Droid/Android scores over the iPhone/iOS. Hold your breath nose now because that place is the toilet. A new survey has found Droid phone users are more likely to use their mobile phones in the loo compared to iPhone owners. No kidding, folks. The […]

Apple iPhone – Most Popular Phone Ever

Apple iPhone – let the idiots sneer and let the havenots lust for it. The iPhone is a juggernaut whose momentum shows no sign of slowing. With over 180 million units sold and several hundred thousand apps built for it, the iPhone continues to delight new users every day. The current 4S model is the […]

iPhone Turns 5, Still the Smartphone Leader

Five years back today, i.e. January 9, 2007, smartphone history was made with the launch of the iPhone. Launching what subsequently became the world’s favorite smartphone at the 2007 Macworld, Apple co-founder and then CEO, the late Steve Jobs said: iPhone is a revolutionary and magical product that is literally five years ahead of any […]

Apple iPhone Still King of Smartphones

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a million times. When it comes to smartphones, Apple’s iPhone is King of the Heap. All the other vendors (HTC, Samsung, Blackberry/RIM etc) are merely playing catch up. Market researcher Nielsen put out a report today and the numbers show Apple iOS ahead of its nearest platform […]