How America Protects Americans

Update: NSA also has direct access via PRISM program to Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Yahoo, Skype, AOL etc servers. It’s great to be an American in the 21st Century. Hallelujah! While Americans are frolicking at the beach, clicking ‘Like‘ on Facebook, Tweeting what they had for breakfast at McDonald’s and Taco Bell, watching American Idol, […]

China the new Osama – Declare China a Terrorist State for Global Cyber-Attacks

(Background: U.S. President Barack Obama meets new Chinese President Xi Jinping on Friday, June 7 at Palm Springs in Southern California. Main item on Obama’s agenda is Chinese Cyber-Attacks on U.S. interests or what I call Cyber-Terrorism) Modern terrorists come in many guises. Osama bin Laden is merely one of many terrorist avatars. Among the deadliest […]

Quote of the Day – A Nobody’s Grandfather

A Republican can’t enjoy his dinner unless he knows somebody else is hungry. – Commenter ttyymmnn citing his Grandfather in a Gawker story As I once told a friend, sometimes the best part of a news story is not the story itself but lies hidden in the comments section below the story. I was reading […]

Asymmetric Warfare – Fear Over the City

One of the biggest challenges America faces in the 21st century is the threat posed to the nation’s security and economic interests by people waging asymmetric warfare against it. Asymmetric warfare imposes an unbearably high cost on the nation following the terror strikes of a few individual actors or small groups. The actions of the […]

Tiny Tots Too Can Now be Bulletproofed

Thank God, bulletproof devices are no longer the exclusive preserve of policemen in hot pursuit of deadly criminals brandishing lethal weapons. Bulletproofing Kids & Teachers Now precious tiny tots in schools and their priceless teachers can also buy bulletproof products that can stop a bullet fired from a 9 mm to a .44 mag round […]

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