Biggest Massacre in American School

A crackpot today made the Columbine massacre seem small by killing 27 people (early reports) including 20 children at the Sandy Hook Elementary School on Dickenson Drive in Newtown (Connecticut). The killer, identified as Adam Lanza (20), is also among the dead. Media reports say more than a 100 rounds were fired in the shooting […]

Apple to America – Fuck You!

Those Jobs aren’t coming back. Steve Jobs to Barack Obama on bringing back some Apple manufacturing jobs from China to America With $121.3 billion in the bank, Apple plans to invest a mere $100 million in American manufacturing. That’s a piddling 0.082% of Apple’s mega cash hoard, the big chunk of which is stashed away […]

For the Whackos Who Whine About America

Sometimes it drives me nuts to see all those nut-jobs drone incessantly about how bad America is, that I don’t understand, I’m brainwashed etc etc etc. To all the nay-sayers about Amreeka,  I offer the below links from just one day in the news cycle from around the world. You schmucks don’t know how good […]

Have You Schmucks Powerballed the Half-Billion Dollar Ticket Today?

Update: Winning Ticket Sold in Arizona Unless you’re living under a rock or been completely distracted by Raghunandan Yandamuri’s preliminary hearing, y’all know that today is the Big Day. Big Powerball Jackpot Yes, tonight is the Powerball draw for the $550-million jackpot. Just in case you schmucks can’t do the math, $550 million is in […]

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