I Voted for the Kenyan! What about You?

Folks, I’m just back from the polling booth. The place was as deserted as a theatre screening an Abhishek Bachchan film. If you’re curious, I cast my precious vote for the Kenyan Citizen. Yeah, that African-American, who was born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia. Some of you schmucks may have heard of the Manchuruian […]

Wake the Fuck Up – Yes, I’m Talkin’ to You

Anyone considering voting for America’s twin evil motherfuckers Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan ought to get their heads examined. Pronto. Folks, our President Barack Obama may not have delivered all that we’d like. But compared to sick fucks like Romney and Ryan who have no empathy for the average American (i.e. the non-millionaires), Obama is […]

Indians Build Biryani Highway in Edison, NJ

If Marx and Engels were to rewrite The Communist Manifesto, they’d probably pen it this way: A spectre is haunting Edison – the spectre of Biryani. All the powers of Edison have entered into a holy alliance to expropriate this spectre: Punjabis and Telugus, Pakistanis and Delhites, Afghanis, Tamils and Gujaratis. Never in the history […]

No, I Haven’t Been Here; I Swear!

Bet you schmucks will believe anything! If someone were to tell you that the Sun revolves around the Earth, I won’t be surprised if you most of you putzheads say ‘Amen.’ ๐Ÿ˜‰ Oh well, much as I love candy, liquor is quicker. Hey, it’s Friday! If you chutiyas happen to be on 8th Ave in […]

Quote of the Day – A CNN Commenter

I am going to add flying with an Asian or Middle Eastern carrier to my “bucket list.” – CNN reader Robb1371 Source: The world’s best airline for 2012 is … Like in a lot of other arenas, America’s airlines too have fallen way behind their Asian and Middle Eastern rivals. World’s Top-10 Airlines 1. Qatar […]

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