Karunanidhi Made Chutias Out of Americans

[Karunanidhi’s] support in the DMK will probably erode as the trial gets under way….We feel that Karunanidhi’s political career may not survive this latest onslaught by the GOI….We feel that Karunanidhi’s remarkable political career has reached its crossroads and that it is now at the beginning of the end. – November 2, 1976 Telegram from […]

Poll – Is It Time for a Tamil First Lady?

One of the recurring nightmares of my life runs thus: It’s past midnight. And I am plodding down a dark street in Washington DC. The moon is AWOL, the stars are playing hide-and-seek and the sequester has shut down street lights. Then I hear footsteps approaching. The footsteps get louder and ominous as the person […]

Where Do Old Films End Up in America?

This morning we’d gone to our local Walmart to pick up some Silk Chocolate Soymilk. We were prowling around the Super Walmart when our eyes fell upon a strange sight. A huge bin of DVDs of old Hollywood films for 96-cents each. We rummaged through the movie bin to see if there were any decent […]

5 Hours in DC for a Desi

So you are a desi with just five hours to poke around Washington DC before heading back to Palookaville. Excuse me, I borrowed Palookaville from Marlon Brando who used the word in one of the most famous scenes in motion picture history. Let’s get back to DC, shall we, and leave Brando and On The […]

George Carlin – A Brilliant Entertainer

We live in an age where wise men are reviled and the dumb exalted to rarified heights. Or maybe the world’s always been that way – the shit always rising to the top and the notion of ‘civilization’ a mere myth. Maybe, civilization just means exchanging one form of brutality and assholes for another. Giving […]

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